Module 1 - The Principles of Writing

This course is still in preparation and is not yet available for enrollment.

I. Essentials of Communication

A. Principles of Communicating

1. Communicating With Words and Actions

2. Words that are Spoken

3. Words that are Written

4. Creating Actions With Words

B. Communicating to the Five Senses in The Body

1. Sense of Sight

2. Sense of Hearing

3. The Other Senses

C. Communicating to the Three Parts of The Soul

1. Informing the Mind

2. Stirring the Emotions

3. Challenging the Will

4. Appealing to the Temperaments

D. Communicating to the Human Spirit

1. Use of Templates

2. Originality

3. Wisdom

E. Correct Use of Grammar

1. Choosing Which Person to Write In.

2. The Importance of Direct Speech (you, not us or we).

3. Correct Use of Pronouns.

4. Avoiding Passive Voice.

5. Keep It Simple.

6. Avoid Long Sentences.

F. Correct Use of Punctuation.

1. Learn to use commas and semi colons.

2. Correct use of quotes in speech.

3. Know When to Use Capitals.

G. Correct Use of Vocabulary

1. Do not try to impress with knowledge

2. Make your words easy to understand

3. Aim at a low grade level

4. The Fleisch Kincaid test in MS Word


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