How To Edit Your Book

The process of editing a book is often left to someone who is more qualified and capable. But if you are trying to self-publish, you might find the cost or difficulty of finding someone to edit your book something that holds you back. 

Assuming you have taken it upon yourself to write and publish your own book, you should therefore seriously consider developing your own editing skills. 

In this module, we give you some hints on how to approach this, and what kind of things to look out for. 

From Speech To Print

The contents of this module are taken from a course given by my wife Daphne Crause entitled From Speech to Print.

Most of our published books are produced by creating transcripts of messages preached live. These are then edited and converted into a form that flows well in reading. 

If you transcribe your speaking directly you will often find that what sounds good in audio does not flow quite as well in writing. So this is an important skill to learn. 

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