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Probably the biggest problem facing any author, is the task of finding someone to publish their book. And since this is usually quite an expensive process, we tend to look for a book publisher who is prepared to lay out the cost to publish the book. 

Authors have been known to go for years looking for a publisher who is prepared to publish their books. 

Some years ago when I first began to put my teachings into writing, someone suggested I approach a publisher to publish some of my books. They recommended a good Christian publisher they knew. 

But when I approached them, they wanted a long list of proofs that I was a good risk before they would consider publishing my book. And then there was a huge amount required from me to print the first batch of these books. Clearly I was never going to be a in position to publish any of my books.

Self Publishing Today

Our first approach was to publish our own books, but we had no point of reference. So we started to search online for what was available. Then, using the skills of all the members of my team, we launched out in the process of editing and publishing our own books. 

We also found that we could print our own books, bind and cut them and shrink wrap them ourselves. In the end, we produced a quality book that was better than many published books. And we could make them on demand instead of printing large amounts up front.

We did this for some years while living in Mexico. We would format our own books using Microsoft Word and then design our own cover using Photoshop. We had a team member who was an expert in graphic design, so this saved us a huge expense. 

We would then print our books using ordinary laser printers, and then the covers using a color laser. Then we could glue the books and covers using ordinary contact glue.

Since the covers needed to be glossy, we had to laminate them to make them more attractive and presentable. This meant taking them to someone to laminate them for us. 

We then took the book to a company in the USA that allowed us to use their cutter to cut the sides straight. We also found someone who would shrink wrap the books that we had made, ready for selling online. 

Upgrading Our Equipment

As we could afford it, in time, we bought a binding machine that could bind the books much quicker than our manual gluing using contact glue and brushes. 

Then we also bought our own cutter and shrink wrap machine. We also managed to get our hands on a laminating machine, which would put a glossy cover over our printing on the covers.

Now we could make all our books inhouse without relying on anyone else, and this greatly reduced the cost of publishing our books. 

Self Publishing On Amazon

We began to sell our books on Amazon. com which gave us only a little profit, because they took a large cut of the amount received. 

But then Amazon launched a company called Create Space, which offered a service to print your books on demand and then sell them for you. So all we needed to do was format the books and produce a cover graphic. 

We could then order our books at cost price, and sell them ourselves. And Amazon would then also sell our books online, making them on demand whenever someone ordered a book. 

We could now comfortably publish all our books without making them physically ourselves. 

Publishing in South Africa

When the Lord led us to return to South Africa, we had to find another way to create our books for the local market. And here again, we found that there were now companies that offered printing of books in small batches at a very reasonable cost. 

We could now order as little as 10 books at a time for our stock and then sell them from our live bookshop. Amazon continues to sell all our books online. 

If you would like to see a list of our books, just do a search on Amazon of books by Les D. Crause. You will see all of our books there. 

Other Book Distributions

After relying for some time on Amazon to sell our books, both our ebooks and our printed books, we looked for someone else who would publish our ebooks in other bookshops. 

There are many companies online that sell ebooks, including such services as Barnes and Nobel, Scribd and others. And our books were not available from these sources. 

We found a company called Lulu which publishes our ebooks to these and other distributors. 

So now our books are being sold around the world via many different book distributors and we get a monthly commission from these different sources. 

But most important of all, is the fact that our ministry is reaching the nations, and we are getting the Word out without having to lay out huge amounts of cash up front. 

We Can Show You How

 We are blessed because God has provided us with family members and team members who have developed their talents to use for the Lord. 

And with the Lord's help, we are able to carry out all the different aspects of publishing without having to rely on others. We also can avoid the high costs of paying someone else to do the many functions needed for the publishing process. 

You may find yourself in a similar position to us. Perhaps you would like to learn how to publish your own books, using the skills of your own team. 

That is what this module is about, and with the experience we have had in this, we can show you how. 

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