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Probably the main reason many folks still rely on book publishers to publish their books is that these publishers have contacts through which they can sell your books. 

This is probably what most people think. But when I first approached a book publisher, they wanted to know how visible and famous I was before they would publish for me. 

In reality, the only way you will get anyone to buy your books is for you to become visible online. 

You have to build a reputation and become known before anyone will even look at your books. 

Your Online Presence

Today the chances of you being known publicly apart from the internet are very slim. Even singing groups in the past have had to become known by traveling from place to place holding music gigs. 

But today with the internet you can reach the world without leaving your own doorstep. And this has even been done in music. 

The group ABBA originally become famous by publishing their materials in videos and recordings without even traveling. In fact, it was only when they began to travel that things fell apart for them. 

So do not limit your thinking when it comes to marketing your books. 

You Must Become Visible Online

Today it is impossible to run any kind of ministry or business without having an online presence. 

For us when we began we were stuck in Mexico and had no contact with anyone live at first. So we had to rely completely on the internet alone. 

Today we are reaching around the world and becoming known in many places. And our publications are being read by the nations of the world. 

Monthly sales from Amazon come from all of the main countries in which Amazon distributes their books.

And even here in South Africa, where Amazon does not have a branch, there are online companies such as Takelot and Loot that sell our books. And they do this by buying them from Amazon and reselling them. 

Word Of Mouth Is Still The Best Marking Tool

There are only two ways in which you can market your books. Either you must pay to advertise them in whichever medium you have available. Or you can advertise them online via web pages and book distributers. 

This is done more easily by selling all your books first in ebook form. Then, as you become known you can start to make them available also in printed form. 

Just to show you the power of online visibility, try doing a google search on my name. Just type Les D. Crause into the google search. And you will see a huge number of links displayed. 

Some of these links are to our online websites and pages. But most of them are actually links to distributers of my books. 

We Can Help You Set Up Your Web Pages

The main purpose of this module is to show you how to make yourself visible online. It is so easy today to set up your own website and show yourself to the world. 

And then, of course, social media is also a huge means of becoming known. Facebook especially is very popular and a way of getting yourself known online. 

At one stage I avoided these as being worldly. But then the Lord told me to use everything that is available. 

This module will give you some pointers on how you can go about marking yourself online. 


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