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One of the biggest mistakes most writers make comes from thinking that they have to use language is of good vocabulary and looks professional. 

If you have read a lot of books yourself, especially non-fiction books, you tend to think that you must produce something more intellectual and of a high level of language. 

But the truth of the matter is that you will reach a much larger audience by dropping the level of your language rather than raising it higher. 

I Love Good Language

Although I hated studying English as a subject at school, I found that after reading many books, I developed a love for good grammar and vocabulary. 

So when I first began to put some of my knowledge into writing, my studies were very intellectual and of a high standard of both grammar and vocabulary. 

But quite honestly when I went back and read what I had written, I found myself getting bored with my writing, and finding it hard work trying to grasp what exactly I was trying to say. 

`My sentences tended to be long and complicated and I used words that were not used in ordinary everyday language by the average person. 

Discovery Of The Readability Ratings

One day I discovered, quite by accident, something that is known as the Readability Rating of written text. 

This rating was originated by someone named Rudolph Flesch and is based on the average number of words in your sentences, as well as the average number of syllables in your words.

Rudolph Flesch had an even more accurate way of assessing writing which he describes in some of his books. Later someone named J Peter Kincaid took this further and developed a full system of assessing the readability of written text. 

You can read all about this in the following Wikipedia article

Two Important Factors in Readability

When you read a piece of writing, there are two important factors that decide whether you enjoy reading and if you will continue to read. These are as follows:

 The Readability

This is expressed in a percentage figure. The higher the readability, or how close it is to 100% the more people are likely to read what you have written. You should aim for readability of at least 80% or higher to make sure your writing is good. 

The Grade Level

This rating is a figure from 1 upwards, which tells you which school grade level is required to fully understand what you have written. Most of us are proud to think that our writing is at the level of a higher grade. But in reality you should write simple enough for a child to understand it. 

So I would rather have a grade level of 5 than 10. This does not mean you have to use bad grammar or vocabulary. It simply means you should use the kind of language that the average person speaks and communicates with. 

If your reader needs to use a dictionary or visit to understand the words you are using, they will not read very far before becoming bored. 

A Simple Way of Keep Your Ratings Good

If you look at the formulae used to calculate these, you will see that there are two main factors you must take into account. 

And if you change just these two things in your writing, your ratings will improve immediately. 

Use Shorter Sentences

Imagine that a person has to say your whole sentence in one breath. Some of our readers have to come up for air to finish just one sentence. This makes the readability bad. 

Use Words With Fewer Syllables

instead of trying to impress with your great vocabulary, rather use words that are shorter, like one or two syllable words. They can be understood by everyone without dropped the quality of your writing. 

Imagine you are speaking to someone whose normal language is not English. They only have a limited vocabuary knowledge. This also applies to younger people, and those who are not intellectual or highly qualified. 

We Can Show You How

This module will show you how to change your writing to improve your readability and drop your grade level. 

We will also show you how to use one of the most popular Word Processing programs, Microsoft Word, to assess your ratings and improve them. 





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