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Essentials of Communication

Principles of Communicating

With words and actions

Words that are spoken

Words that are written

Creating action with words

Communicating to the Five Senses of the Body

Sense of sight

Sense of hearing

The Other senses

Communicating to the three parts of the soul

Informing the mind

Show don't tell

Sense appeal

Jogging memories

Stirring the emotions

Use of visualization

Images in the mind

Challenging the will

Demand action

Automatic with emotion

Appealing to the temperaments





Communicating to the Human spirit

Use of templates



Correct Use of Grammar

Choosing which person to write in

Importance of direct speech (you, not us or we)

Correct use of pronouns

Avoiding passive voice

Keep it simple

Avoid long sentences

Correct Use of Punctuation

Learn to use commas, and semi-colons

Correct use of quotes in speech

Know when to use capitals

Correct Use of Vocabulary

Do not try to impress with knowledge

Make your words easy to understand

Aim at a low grade level

The Flesch test in MS Word

Using Words

Basic Principles

Mind cannot receive words

Only receives input from senses

Good writing stirs senses

Goes into conscious, sinks into inward man

Triggers emotions, creates feelings in person

Writing fails if does not affect emotions

Left and right brain thinking

Right produces pictures which affects senses

Essential to be an effective writer

Requires tapping into your spirit

Involves receiving input from inward man

Left produces facts not affecting senses

Bringing Words To Life

Use words that stir the senses

Your words must make the reader

See something

Hear something

Feel something

Smell something

Taste something

Use similes and metaphors to bring this out

Use trigger words and phrases to activate templates

Use common characters to trigger emotions

Mother, father

Brothers, sisters

School friends

Work associates

Church leaders

Church members

Paint familiar scenes and events

Trigger emotions

Paint aspirations, goals and dreams

Releasing Spiritual Power

Spoken words tap your spirit

Speech and the mind

Works with the mind

Does not flow directly through the mind

Writing a combination of speech and mind

Like speaking tongues through the mind

Filters spiritual impulses through the intellect

Problem areas

You speak with everyday language

You write with educated language

Try to write the way you speak

Written language more structured than speech

Synchronizing Thoughts and Words

Mind sometimes cannot keep up with speech

Write as fast as you speak to keep the flow

Speak and record your speech

Transcribe recording into words

Developing Writing Techniques

Practice story telling out loud

Get pictures in your mind

Write down what you said

Improve the picture with better words

Use the fastest writing method

Pen in hand

Computer keyboard

Mind versus Emotions

Emotions coming out of you are best expression

Mind alone produces dull boring expression

Writers block comes from mind without emotion

Using Visualization

Encourages right brain

Allows emotion to flow

Keeps mind and emotion together

Using the right words

Picture words

Action words

Emotionally full words

Adjectives and Similes

Influencing the Memory

The loci method of memorisation

Requires a storage area

You store template material

5 senses not enough

More than a noun or object

It must stand out

Change its look to something different

Add action to it

Include an emotion

It must be amplified

Change must be drastic

Action must be massive or irregular

Emotion must be extreme





Make it difficult to forget

The more elements the better

You must plant them in the reader

They will remember what you write

Dealing With Writers Block

Spiritual blockage

Prevents inspiration from within

Leads to a blank mind

Leads to dead emotions

Spiritual flow

Fills a stilled mind

Stirs a dead emotion

Produces inspiration


Story writing

Cause of Spiritual Problems




Ways to Overcome

Still your heart

Listen to your spirit

Bring the body into subjection

Writing Stories

Real Life





Story Styles

Story Plots


Non-Fiction Writing











Book Editing

Checking Flesch Rating and Readability

Fixing Vocabulary

Versions of English

Flesch Rating

Grammar Errors

Book Formatting

Book Publishing

Book Marketing




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Response from Oyinloye Olusegun :

Simply awesome!This is what I have been looking for.

Response from Ms Terry Ash :

Where is the link to the FREE writing course. I have followed all the links and cannot find it to sign up. You do not offer a "Search" for your web site, which might have enabled anyone to find it.
Please advise to terryash@mtaonline.net

Reply From Les Crause:

We apologize for the confusion. We have moved our full writing course to our online school as an official course, and the free writing course was discontinued until further notice, which is why you could not find the link to sign up. There are several links pointing to our online school at http://www.gbm-academy.com if you need to find out more.

You will however still receive a short introductory course to test if you have any writing skills, and you will automatically receive the lessons each week as soon as you subscribe to this website.

Our websites are always clearly marked, with no hidden pages anywhere, so no search function is necessary to find a page. All pages are only two levels deep, and all sub pages are contained in the left column under the main pages, which are located in the buttons at the top of the page.

We did, however, omit removing the reference to the course from the main page, and we thank you for pointing this out. This will be corrected right away so that there is no confusion for others visiting our site.

Response from Paulette :

When can I get started

Reply From Les Crause:

Once you have subscribed to this website, you will automatically be enrolled in an Introductory Course which will give you some basic lessons and then a writing assignment for you to submit to us.

Once we have received your writing assignment, you will be given an assessment of your writing skills and further direction concerning enrolling in the full course.

Response from unverified :

hi, what is the cost of enrolling in the course?

Reply From Les Crause:

The course is currently part of our partnership program which you can find by clicking the logo in the right column for GBR International. Partners are given free access to all courses in their partner level. The lessons are not yet all complete, as we have been waiting to see how much interest there is in the course first before completing the lessons.

We are considering making this a separate course if we can find sufficient talented people who show a writing capability. If you subscribe you will get the introductory course, and at the end of the third lesson we will advise you on whether you should consider doing the full course.

Response from Jackie :

I have been writing short stories for many years. I want to get these books in print. I would appreciate a spiritual eye on my work. Thanks, I will pray that others see this. Again thanks.

Response from Mayble :

I was recieving the introductory course and submitted my first writing assignment but have not heard anything back in almost 2 weeks.

Reply From Les Crause:

Kindly use the Contact Us form, and make sure you include your email address so that we can respond to you. We have no record of receiving this assignment.

Response from Millicent Nakedi :

i would like to enrol for this course, and the book writing course pleasw


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