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Becoming a Writer

So You Want To Be A Writer?

My first taste of writing wasn't really an exciting thing. Most kids love to write from an early age. They write on the walls, they write on the doors and they mess up mom or dad's favorite books.

For some strange reason adults just don't seem to see the value in a kid's writing skills. So most of us build up some negatives about writing, and some even start to fear it. But the child in all of us can be brought back to life very quickly. All it takes is a little encouragement and practice.

Early Writing Experiences

My earliest writing experiences were both good and bad. I don't think I had a school report in all of my school days that did not have some cryptic comment from a teacher that went something like this:

"He has great ability, but he does not pay attention to his handwriting and his work is always untidy and difficult to read."

Hey, I was more concerned about what I was writing than I was about making it look nice. And besides, I could read it fine, so what was their problem?

Fortunately, I had a few teachers who looked beyond my poor handwriting and encouraged me to write. One particular English teacher told me that she really enjoyed my creative writing and encouraged me to enter a story for certification by an international arts organization.

I had never really thought my story writing was that great, but just the vote of confidence she gave me really lit my fire. I put a lot of effort into the story and she was really impressed and sent it off for marking overseas.

Unfortunately, because of bad postage services at that time, my entry was lost in the mail and I never did hear how I did. Although I was disappointed, my teacher assured me that I would have received a first-class certificate.

Through the years I failed at many things, and I did not really enjoy English grammar as a school subject. But the fire that was lit in me by a teacher who was considerate enough to encourage my writing skills has never gone out.

If you are reading this and you have had some bad experiences in life with writing, then you are not alone. Most of us have had those along the way. But if the childish passion still burns in you to express yourself in writing then I would like to help you fan that flame back to life.

Giving You The Tools

I would like to give you some tools to help you express yourself better in writing. And I would like to give you some projects to do that will help you to practice your skills.

If you would really like to become a writer, then I would like to be there for you, to point the way and show you your mistakes. I do not believe that some folks are just born with writing skills and the rest of us aren't. If you have the desire and it burns in you strongly enough, then I would like to show you how to develop your writing skills.

All I ask of you is that you have a passion to write and that you are willing to pay any price to fulfill your desire. If you have that, then I know that with the Lord's help I can show you how to become the writer you want to be.

But if you just want to write for selfish reasons. If you think that writing could make you rich or famous so you want to "give it a try" then do not even begin this course. When the going gets tough you will just throw in the towel and give up.  Not because you lack the ability, but because you have no real core desire to be a writer.

If the desire to write your own book has burned in you for years, and you would love to minister to others in writing then I would like you to join as a subscriber and you will be kept up to date with any new materials that I add. I will eventually offer the full course online. I will also give you some free introductory lessons.

If you are not sure if you could write, but the desire burns strongly in you, then please go ahead and subscribe. By the time you have gone through my introductory lessons, you will know whether writing is something you want to do in the future. And you will also soon find out if you have what it takes to push through and succeed in this.

What We Can Offer You

The writing course will show you how to write all kinds of books - both fiction and non-fiction. For Christians who want to write Bible Studies or teaching books, I will be covering that as well as stories and autobiographies.

Here is what I will be offering those who join as partners and enroll in the full course:

  1. You will be given all the tools you need to write well.
  2. We will publish your first book for free as part of your training if you complete the course successfully.
  3. We will help you set up a website where you can promote and sell your books and e-books online.
  4. You will be able to fellowship with other writing students and share ideas with each other online.

For more information on what is contained in the full course, have a look at the full curriculum by clicking the curriculum button above.

I look forward to seeing you rise up and become the writer you have dreamed of. 

Les Crause

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